WOD 121015

Kicking off the week with some heavy front squats followed by an absolute favourite of mine Elizabeth. We will be running a 12 minute cap on Lizzy, not because we are “A Holes” but because we want you to hit it with intensity today. Anytime you see a workout with the rep scheme of 21-15 & 9 it should signal that its go time so choose a weight or scaling option with the dips that will allow you to go hard and get in before the cap. So there is no confusion, if you are on your last set of dips when the cap hits we will let you finish the work. Can’t wait to hit this one and see what you guys can do to your previous scores.



Front Squat





Clean 60/40kg

Ring Dip

Extra Credit

10 Min AMRAP

Handtsand walk 5m shuttle, 5m must be unbroken to count as a rep. Practice handstand holds on wall if unable to walk.


Hang Power Clean from mid thigh. (start paused at mid thigh, do not dip from waist and pause between each rep. Focus on speed and a vertical bar)


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