WOD 261015

Upside down Miss Jane, we are starting the week with some gymnast skillz. We then move into a games workout from 2012 combining it all weightlifting gymnastics and monostructural movements. This is a really fun workout so jump in and have some fun with this one while learning a new take on the old snatcharoo.



Skill Work

Freestanding Head stand and Headstand pressing into handstand.


3 rounds for time of;

8 Split snatches 52.5/35kg

7 Bar Muscle Ups

Run 400m



3 reps of; (one rep is 1 of each lift, reset everytime the bar touches the ground)

1 Clean Pull with shrug

1 Clean High Pull

1 Clean

Extra Credit

3 rounds ME Wall Balls no resting in catch.

row 250m

Rest as needed between rounds

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