Masseuse wanted


CrossFit CrossAxed is looking for a suitable, self motivated Masseuse/s to operate out of our facility. CrossAxed has treatment rooms for rent and an opportunity to run a successful business within our already established fitness community.

The suitable person will need to:

  • Be experienced in working with athletic populations
  • Have their own insurance, ABN and equipment
  • Qualified
  • Motivated & Fun
  • Have an understanding of CrossFit and the physical demands of such

The successful person/s will have access to over 250 members and exclusivity for service referrals. This opportunity would ideally suit someone looking to kick start their own business or expand on an already established client base. We have varying options available for the right person/s.

If you are interested and would like to discuss further please complete the form below or if you know someone that would be interested please share this post.

2 Comments on “Masseuse wanted

  1. I sent a message about the massage position, I need to apologize for the spelling mistakes it was sent from my phone overseas – im not great sending letters off my phone drf prefer my computer. Kind regards Fiona Burt.


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