Bring a friend: Any Saturday class, bring a friend to train for free!

Gymnastics skills development: Each Saturday for the rest of April, 9:00am for 45 mins.

3 Rounds
20 Skips
15 Arm rotations
10 Air squats
5 Pull-ups or ring rows
Skin the cat 
15mins Skin the cat progressions/practice
Metcon (Time)
60 Double unders
50 Wall balls
40 Box jumps
30 Kettlebell swings
20 Squat clean thrusters 60/40kg


2 Comments on “140416”

  1. Hi Rob, I am really enjoying the classes and will join up tomorrow. The guys are all very helpful considering I don’t know much about weights. The people that go are also friendly. I will come to the 9.15 class and sign up after that. Also my husband wants to come along on Sat if that’s ok. My friend is thinking of joining but she will do another class first.


    • Hi Karen,
      Thats great to hear! Absolutely, not a problem at all. I will be there Saturday so I look forward to meeting all of you again then.
      Take care


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