Have you seen my Balls….?

This topic seems to come around every so often and it’s that time again where I act all dad like and reprimand you for being children. I really don’t like discussing this because we are all grown ups and I feel like it shouldn’t have to be said but here goes.

We need your help to maintain the gym, I don’t mean I am going to get you on a mop and have you scrub the floor or anything but we do need you to take a little pride and care with what is a second home to many of us. I am quite stern with the coaches when it comes to cleanliness of the box but the responsibility can not fall on them alone.

The small things I am talking about include, using the black parts of the poles to keep score not the floor or walls, leaving lifting chalk in the bucket, wiping your bar or equipment after use and putting things back where they come from for example the Lacrosse balls. I know everyone needs a Lacrosse ball and they are “only $5” each or so but unfortunately we cannot buy everyone a Lacrosse ball each although I am pretty sure I have over the last few years. There are many places you can buy them from and I am happy to get them back in for sale in the box but please refrain from “borrowing” them from the gym. If you have one in your bag that belongs to the gym please drop it back in the bucket next time you are in to train, so when someone needs it or we want to do mobility in the cool down we can. Having no lacrosse balls has actually prevented us from doing what we want in some of the classes over the past week.

The usual care of barbells and bumpers always needs to be mentioned and we are looking at upgrading our bumpers in the coming months. We are fully aware that equipment upgrades and damage is all part of the business as keeping the bathroom clean is part of running a house-hold but it doesn’t mean we need to shit on the walls and leave it for someone else to clean right? All we are asking is that you use the gear as it’s intended and take a little care when hitting the workout.

This is not an individual attack on anyone or we would have told you, just a generic ask for a little more diligence. Thanks for understanding and looking after our happy place.

Cheers, Rob




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