Get The Most Out Of Your Training

Get the most out of your training

Main Points
• There will be the introduction of a new training program in the classes
• You will have the choice between Fitness and Performance workouts for the day
• Fitness will be targeted towards metabolic conditioning, whereas Performance will be including more complex weightlifting and gymnastics movements, with a complete strength and conditioning approach
• There is no requirement that you are permanently fixed to one program, and you are free to choose which workout you do on a daily basis depending on your goals

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CrossFit is and always will be an infinitely scalable program. The rationale behind this is that the needs of our elite athletes and elderly differ by degree, not by kind. The elite athlete is training for functional dominance: to be the best in their field, whereas the aged athlete is training for functional competence: to be able to get through life’s challenges without assistance from others.

The approach to programming at CrossAxed has been to program for the best athletes in the field (both within and outside the walls of the gym), and to scale to a more manageable difficulty if required. To push our more competitive athletes, we have programmed extra work to afford them the opportunity to go above and beyond what is written whilst maintaining structure that will fit within the gym’s program.

For the most part, this has worked well. Where we have faced challenges are accommodating a broad range of goals into the classes, as well as offering competition training to time poor athletes.

Over the next few weeks, we will be piloting a program that will allow both health and fitness focused AND competition focused athletes the opportunity to target their goals with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. In this time, the classes will have two different programs available that will run concurrently: Fitness or Performance.

Fitness: The goal of the fitness program is to develop base capacity as effectively as possible. It will have more of a focus towards metabolic conditioning, with an obvious increase in ‘huff and puff’ workouts. While this program will still build strength, there will be less emphasis on maximum load lifts, and less focus on complex weightlifting and gymnastics movements. Fitness is the perfect program for someone who wants to decrease body fat, increase lean muscle, and increase his or her cardio capacity.

Performance: The goal of the performance program is to push the margins of strength and conditioning. It is targeted towards athletes who want to develop the whole spectrum of skills required in CrossFit, addressing all movements within the program. The performance program is keyed towards training like an athlete- strength, endurance, speed, power, and covering both long and short duration workouts. Despite including the more complex movements, Performance is absolutely for all skill levels. As with everything in CrossFit, if you are unable to complete the movement that is programmed, an appropriate scaling option will be given to allow you to gain the maximum benefit of the program. There is no minimum athletic ability required to participate in Performance program.

Putting it all together
You will see the programs still utilize similar movements to allow the classes to run at the same time. The main difference is going to be in the rep ranges, as well as the complexity of movements. If you are not sure which option to follow, please speak to a trainer so we can establish what your training goals are and guide you towards what is best suited.
Finally, you don’t have to permanently opt into one program and out of the other. If you were so inclined, you could alternate daily between fitness and performance. I would recommend against this, as although the programs work well with each other, there are still clear differences. Benefit in training relies heavily on consistency, and program hopping (albeit slightly) will still present segmented results. With that in mind, there is no problem in alternating on the occasional day to the other program.

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