5 Minutes with… Louis


How were you introduced to CrossFit?

My cousin recommended that I give it a go

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

About 10-12 months

What do you most enjoy about CrossFit?

The comradery of all the members, and being pushed outside my comfort zone

What’s your favourite and least favourite Movement?

Favourite – Snatch

Least favourite – Wall balls

What’s the one movement you really want to master?

Double unders

What advice can you give someone who’s looking to start or has just started CrossFit?

Keep turning up and scale the workouts as needed

Best CrossFit advice you’ve been given?

Breathe during HSPU’s

Describe any changes you’ve experienced since starting CrossFit?

More aware of how to fuel my body for recovery, to make it in for the next day

Favourite memory at CrossAxed?

Logging scores for all workouts in my first Crossfit Open

Do you do extra credit, and if yes what/why?

I’d like to, but I’m normally time poor in the mornings

Tell us a little more about yourself outside of CrossFit?

Playing touch football and golf when I can

Has CrossFit played a role in how you go about your daily life?

It has made me more aware of mobility, transferring into other sports I play

What sticks out to you as the most enjoyable part of every class at CrossAxed?

The banter between members and knowing we’ve achieved something first thing in the morning

I happened to notice you’re working as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist… for the uninitiated, what does this entail?

It’s comes under the umbrella of medical imaging, mainly involving injections of labelled radiation to see how the body metabolises it. Mainly working with oncology patients

Which CrossAxed athlete are you always chasing?

Not really chasing, just trying to keep up with most of guys in the 0515 class

Who should we profile next?

Damien Brown


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