Hockey Master


Our very own Garry Royle competed in the 2016 World Grand Masters Association World Cup and Tournament Trophy hockey events, representing Australia in the over 60’s Southern Cross team.

Australia won silver in the over 60’s, and gold in the over 65’s, over 70’s, and over 75’s in both the World Cup and the Tournament Trophy competitions. Garry was originally selected in the National Australian Team as a shadow player (on standby for injury etc.) but wasn’t required in this team, however he competed in the Tournament Trophy event.


This is a phenomenal result, in a competition that had over 800 competitors from more than 16 countries.

Garry came to us after the suggestion by his son and daughter in law Adam Royle and Reneé Tongia-Royle, just over 12 months ago. Since then, he’s increased to a consistent Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, and has become a permanent fixture at our 6:15am sessions on these days.

“It was the first time in my entire life of 60 years that I’d ever done any gym-type work or group workouts, and found the movements and terminology very foreign (still do for most of them!) but loved the welcoming encouragement, support and motivation from fellow CrossFitters along with the great advice from the coaches  … right from my very first session, which continues to this day… I’m not the type of person that can train by myself (I give up too easily and quickly) and I’ve found the group class the best way for me to build core strength, stamina and general health and fitness.”

One of the greatest things to see is that Garry is still making progress- he got his very first double-under the other day, with his eyes now set on consecutive reps.

In addition to his progress in the gym, Garry has noticed a huge improvement in his hockey performance. He’s now fitter, faster, more flexible and less prone to injury, and generally performing at a much higher level than ever before. It’s not just his own assessment that has seen this- other players have noticed the same improvements.

Beyond these performance improvements, aesthetically there have been a lot of changes. Over the last 12 months weight has been consistent, however clothes are fitting better and there’s been a noticeable increase in muscle and reduction in body fat.

It’s so rewarding seeing athletes come in to the program regardless of their age, and see huge improvements in performance all across the board. The results Garry has achieved are a testament to his work ethic and consistency, as well as him being so open to advice and suggestion from coaches. A huge congratulations to Garry on his performance in the team and in the gym, and we’re looking forwards to hearing how he goes in the over 65’s when the tournament comes around again.

A final word from Garry:

“Just imagine where I’d be if I had started Cross Fitting in my 20s! As has been often said … ‘youth is wasted on the young!'”



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