5 Minutes with… Averil


NB: I tried to catch a candid ‘just hanging out’ photo but Ave spotted me…

How were you introduced to CrossFit?

 I worked with a person who trained at another CrossFit box who recommended it to me, so I went to a couple of trial classes with her and then looked for a local and happened upon Crossaxed.

You’re consistently in the 5am classes, how do you manage to get up every morning and come in to train? What advice do you have for the people who are adamant that they are not ‘morning people’?

We are morning people in my home, and I’ve read a number of articles that state morning training is better for you – it’s like anything it becomes a habit and so I’m generally awake before my alarm.  The other advice I’d share is invest in a damn good coffee machine!

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I’m coming up to 3 years now.

What do you most enjoy about CrossFit?

It’s weight based and there is no need to be the stereotypical slender frame to be successful.  With respect to Crossaxed it is definitely the people, the 5.15am crew I consider to all be great friends and I look forward to seeing them every session.

What’s your favourite and least favourite Movement? 

Love the deadlift – HATE Burpees!

What’s the one movement you really want to master? 

One day I’d like to “fly like Mike” and punch out heaps of pullups without a damn band! 

What advice can you give someone who’s looking to start or has just started CrossFit?

Just keep showing up, the movements become easier and less daunting over time and with practice.

Best CrossFit advice you’ve been given?

It is an “Ollieism” from about 2 years ago that I always try to apply either when at Crossaxed or out for a run:

train hard – perform hard : train slow – perform slow

Describe any changes you’ve experienced since starting CrossFit?

Strength and a belief that encouragement and good sportsmanship really matter when your slogging it out on your own at the end of a WOD. 

Tell us a little more about yourself outside of CrossFit? 

I’m a Mum both at home and work – in other words I’m and Executive Assistant at work and have a 16yo daughter, Peyton, who has trained in her off season at CrossAxed.

I treasure my family time with Brad and Peyton.  When he’s being “kind” (in other words slow!!) I enjoy running with Brad, Peyton and Monty our dog finishing up somewhere local for a coffee – and yes it’s always coffee because we pretty much only ever train in the morning at the Jewell Household!

Has CrossFit played a role in how you go about your daily life?

Certainly has aided with my strength and helping with the heavy lifting at home relating to our renovation!  In terms of mind set, I find starting my day that way gets me off to a great start and sets the tone for the day to come.

Which CrossAxed athlete are you always chasing?

Helen – she is amazing and one day I might even be able to catch her!!!!

Who should we profile next?

One of our new super mums – i.e. Amanda Frampton / Katie G etc

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