CrossFit CrossAxed – CrossFit


WU Pull, Push, Pull (No Measure)

3 rounds;

30m high knees

30m high heels

10 Good mornings

10 OH Squat

5 Pull Ups/Ring Rows

Fitness & Performance

Glute-Ham Raises (8-8-8)


Metcon (Time)

4 rounds;

Run 400m

15 Push Ups


CrossFit Games Open 11.4 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

10-Minute AMRAP of:
60 Bar-Facing Burpees
30 Overhead Squats, 120# / 90#
10 Muscle-Ups

Extra Credit

SKILL: Skin the cat (5-5-5-5-5)

If you have been doing these in the extras then practice back lever, however make sure you are warm and be careful as this places a huge strain on the biceps and can cause injury if you are not fluent and string in the skin the cat.

STR: Back Squat (1rm in 5 minutes)

Build do %50 1rm then start the clock. Must do 1 rep every 10kg increase no bigger jumps then 10kg.

COND: Shoulder Press (death By)

using 40/30kg, do 1 rep in the first minute then increase by 1 rep every minute until you cannot complete all the reps for that minute in time allocated.

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