8 Week Challenge Update 16.1


8 Week Challenge Update 16.1

I am excited to announce the first CrossFit CrossAxed 8 week challenge. Make no mistake, this will be no ordinary challenge. The only reason we decided to run this challenge is because we believe you, our members, will achieve great success from it. This means a number of things need to happen and the number one requirement is commitment, not to us as coaches because frankly although in our heart of hearts we want you to succeed it doesn’t matter how much we want it, you have to want it.

The challenge is going to kick off on Saturday the 10th of September. On Saturday you will need to book in for your pre-challenge testing, this will include a skin fold assessment, lean body mass calculation & a before photo. The assessments will be done in 15 minute increments in which you will need to book in for. The assessments will start at 7am and go until we have everyone complete. You will also need to do a class that day as this will be your baseline test workout (if you can’t make it in that day we will arrange for you to do it before or after). Please make every effort to get in on that Saturday as trying to catch everyone up after that day won’t be possible.

Then on Sunday the 11th we have our first session at 2pm. This will go for approx 3 hours and will be wrapped up by about 5pm. You won’t be training the entire time and it will be a family inclusive afternoon. It will be a “challenge by choice” session meaning we will not be asking you to do anything you are not comfortable with but there will be some exciting options for you to participate in for the day. More information will be provided before the Sunday but for now please save the date.

The basic details of the challenge will be as follows:

  • You will be given meal plans for the duration relevant to your goals, & lean body mass. You will be eating the same or similar meals to everyone else on the challenge.
  • You will have to complete 4 workouts a week, this will mostly be in the gym in normal classes but if you are away you will need to do sessions in your hotel room, at the beach or wherever it is you are and also report these back.
  • Being away for a week or 2 is not a big problem so long as you do your best to train and eat well, remember this is for you so don’t let yourself down.
  • There will be a couple of sessions away from the gym and also possibly away from Brisbane, if you can’t make these sessions thats ok as these are above and beyond the 4  per week however they will be great fun and rewarding sessions so if you can make them please do so. (more info will be out about these in the coming weeks).
  • You can register anytime now at reception and book a time for your pre-assessment.
  • Any photo’s measurements or other personal information is for you and you only unless you wish to share them.
  • This will be an educational challenge as my goal for you is to not only achieve health improvement I want you to arm yourself with information that will help you maintain a healthy life.
  • All information will be posted on the website and in the members group on Facebook so if you are not yet part of our members group please request to join CrossAxed Members now.

The challenge will be all-inclusive meaning there is no minimum fitness requirement etc to participate all you need is the want to improve your health and have fun doing so.

2 weeks to kick off so get signed up now…….

$50 for current members and $399 for non-members.

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