Monday 100717

CrossFit CrossAxed – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 Rounds:

10 Spiderman lunge + vertical rotation (5 each side)

5 Scap retraction + strict pull-ups: 1s pause at the top (no chin reach, partner assist if required)

10 Barbell good mornings

30s Assault bike

Fitness & Performance

Back Squat (1-1-1-1-1-1-1)

Use the following rep scheme to warm-up:


Once you have completed these sets, adding weight each round, begin your first set working set. It should be at least 85% of your 1RM. Build across sets if you can, or pick a heavy weight to hold across if you reach a top weight early.

It is ok to take more sets to build to your first working set, but do not take less.

Rest at 2-3 minutes between working sets.

Metcon (Time)

2 Rounds for time:

Run 400m

21 Burpees

Extra Credit

STR: Bench Press (7RM)

Build to a 7 rep max across at least 4 sets.

SKILL: Hang Power Snatch (2 Reps EMOM x10)

Perform 2 reps every minute for 10 minutes. Add weight each round and keep it fast. No failed reps.

COND: Metcon (Time)


Calorie row

Toes to bar

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