Saturday 161217

CrossFit CrossAxed – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Jog 600m

20 Calf pumps

10 Air squats

Row 800m

10 PVC dislocates

Partner lat stretch

Partner pec stretch

Fitness & Performance

Metcon (Time)

In pairs:


Synchronised thrusters 42.5/30kg

Synchronised bar-facing burpees
Lockout at the top together for the thruster to count. Both chests on the ground for the burpees to count.

Extra Credit

STR: Metcon (Weight)

5 Rounds:

10 Barbell bent over row

60m Prowler push
Pick a challenging weight for the barbell bent over row. Make the prowler uncomfortably heavy. Log the weight of the row.

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