Need a kick up the you know what to get your body moving after winter? Need a little help with what to eat and how to train to get yourself in the shape of your life? Want to do all that with the support of a community of like-minded people with the same goals in mind? Well the 6 week summer challenge is for you.

Important information:

  • Cost $349 for new members, $149 for current members (this is because current membership fees are taken into account)
  • Starts October 21st and ends December 2nd


  • 6 weeks of unlimited CrossFit
  • Meal plan dedicated to your weight, goals and activity level
  • Body scans at the beginning and end of the challenge (October 21st & December 2nd)
  • 6 Challenge only events, one each weekend for the 6 weeks
  • Guaranteed results
  • Kick off seminar to go through, goals, the “how to” of the meal plans and what to expect from the challenge
  • Access to a challenge only Facebook group for support
  • Access to experienced Coaches

All this and if you are a new member & you sign up and pay prior to October 1st you will receive an extra month of CrossFit free of charge post the challenge! Just what you need to make this count.

Complete the below form to book your place!

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