My interest in fitness began in high school through playing Soccer and training in marital arts. In 2012 I began my CrossFit journey and as a member of the Army Reserves I found CrossFit very beneficial in developing my physical and mental resilience. After a couple of years of training It became my main interest and I started to enjoy the competitive aspect of CrossFit.
A couple of years into classes I found myself drawn to the competitive side of CrossFit and made training a top priority in my life.
Working full time as a Mechanical Engineer- it became increasingly obvious my passion was in the fitness industry.
Eventually I decided to explore other career options and began working as a surf instructor and interning as a CrossFit Coach.
I began Coaching at CrossFit Crossaxed in 2016 and haven’t looked back.I love being able to make a positive impact to peoples lives by being able to share my passion for CrossFit.
BA Mechanical Engineering
Level 1 Surf Instructor
CrossFit Instructor Level 1&2
Cert III & IV Fitness
First Aid
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