I first discovered CrossFit in 2009 and instantly felt at home within the CrossFit community. The strength, confidence and determination I found at CrossFit quickly transferred into other areas of my life and complimented my career in Injury Management and Workplace Rehabilitation. Over the last 10 years my work with Defence, Police and Qld Education has seen me supporting people through recovery from serious injuries and illnesses – usually at the most challenging and debilitating times in people’s lives.

Now, working as a Coach at CrossFit CrossAxed means I have the opportunity to positively influence people’s lives, their health and fitness in a more proactive way.

As a Mum, CrossFit also gives me the strength, energy and focus to maintain a hectic schedule and be a positive role model for my son.

Qualifications include;

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer (2011 to current)
CrossFit Speciality Course: Movement & Mobility
Professional Wellbeing Coaching Certification
Mental Health First Aid Certification
First Aid and CPR Certification
Working with Children – Blue Card
Psychosocial Considerations in Injury Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation & Return to Work Certification

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