I found CrossFit about 2 years ago, and like many that have come before me it was love at first lift! From the very first week I found myself trawling the CrossAxed website to check out the daily WOD as soon as I opened my eyelids each morning. It was only a year in that I was fortunate enough to be involved in the CrossAxed intern program and from there I proudly joined the coaching team! My background is psychology and my goal was always to work in a field that aims to enhance people’s overall well-being so that we can be the best versions of ourselves and ultimately flourish in life. CrossFit enhances many different facets of well-being by increasing individual sense of accomplishment, general and physical health, self-confidence, life satisfaction and meaning just to name a few. Not to mention the sense of belonging within the CrossFit community, which is indescribable, and reason alone to join the ‘cult’. I’ve never been this fit or this strong in my life and I never thought that throwing a barbell around a gym could be so fulfilling #girlscanlift. CrossFit is for everyone and will forever be part of my life.

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