Membership Pauses/Cancellations

For current members, please complete the following form for membership pauses and cancellations. Our membership pause/cancellation policy is outlined below.

Membership Pauses/Cancellations

Cancellation requests must be in writing to You will not be refunded any payment which has already been debited however you will be entitled to complete your month/week that has been paid for. A minimum of two weeks notice for cancellation is required.

Memberships can be paused if you are unable to attend for a suitable reason ie, out of town for work. Written requests must be sent to

You will not be refunded any payment which has already been debited, a minimum of two weeks notice needs to be provided including exact dates of your absence.

Membership pauses must be for a minimum of 2 weeks and no more than 2 pauses per calendar year will be excepted.

Exceptional Circumstances will be considered on an individual basis, for example fly-in fly-out mine workers, this will be discussed directly with Rob and he will attempt to find a fair and suitable payment option.

Failure to provide in writing a request to pause or cancel your membership will result in continual membership fees being taken until we are advised, simply not attending will not automatically cancel your fees, paid fees will not be refunded.

Speaking with a coach or staff member does not qualify as a pause/cancellation request.

Dishonour payments (when your payment via EZI debit is unsuccessful) will be charged at $20.00 per dishonour and your membership will be placed on hold until payment is rectified.

Please note, All public holidays, Easter, Christmas and New Years holidays are factored into your fees and no pauses for this time will be processed or approved. If you want to stop your membership for one month then please follow the details as listed above.

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