WOD 271015

Baby got back! Glute ham raises are one of those movements that look easy but are extremely difficult without some solid strength in the behind muscles, glutes and hamstrings. Don’t fall into the trap of a bent hip with these, the harder… Read More

WOD 261015

Upside down Miss Jane, we are starting the week with some gymnast skillz. We then move into a games workout from 2012 combining it all weightlifting gymnastics and monostructural movements. This is a really fun workout so jump in and have some… Read More

WOD 241015

Anyone remember a workout from Semper Paratus in 2013? This is a fun workout but you will need to work together with your team to get each other through it. Good luck and have fun. In teams of 3 complete:18 minute AMRAP… Read More

WOD 231015

Come in and get your squat on with a heavy 3 x 3. Part B hammers the upper body strength, working pressing three ways. A Back Squat 3-3-3 B 8 minute AMRAP 3 Handstand Push-ups 6 Ring Dips 9 Push Ups Barbell… Read More

WOD 221015

A really fun workout today. Climb some ropes, hit some heavy power cleans and then go for a run, whats not to like? Rob 5 rounds of; 1 rope climb 6 deadlifts 140/90kg 400m run Barbell Drop Clean 5-5-5-5-5 Start with an empty… Read More

WOD 211015

Get some weight on the shoulders with some push press then set your lungs for an ugly take on Fran…… Rob A Push Press 3-3-3 B Complete for time; row 200m 9 Thrusters 42.5/30kg 9 Pull Ups row 400 15 Thrusters 15… Read More

Tuesday 20102015

Today is not a 1rm workout, there are rules. Your goal is to lift as much weight as possible over the ten sets however when you miss a lift your score goes back to zero and you return to lift 1 of… Read More

Monday 19102015

Nothing like a hero to start the week! Michael looks relatively benign on paper but in reality the work this puts through your midline is huge so move with caution and heed the advice of the coaches in regard to the GHD… Read More