WOD 17102015

Unlike a regular EMOM (every minute on the minute) you can add weight each round until you fail then you must drop the weight by a minimum of 5kg. You will then take 70% of your best 2 and use it for… Read More

WOD 16102015

Friday Snatch Day, I can hear the groans already but the snatch is one of the most rewarding movements we could for our body incorporating strength, power, speed, balance, accuracy, coordination and agility all in one movement. We will be working from… Read More

WOD 15102015

Starting the session with some heavy pulling from the floor, the key is consistency here and your score would be a total weight across all 5 sets not just the 3rm at the end. A nice little bodyweight AMRAP to finish. Rob… Read More

Over the years we have battled with how best to approach our CF Kids and Teens training programs, there are big differences between 15 year olds and 8 year olds and also between kids of the same age. Often CrossFit kids has… Read More

Personal Training

CrossFit can be a little intimidating to those that have not actually been into a friendly welcoming gym before. We have every level of athletic development here from the complete novice who has never lifted a barbell in their life to experienced… Read More