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6 Week Challenge

The CrossAxed Method 6 Week Challenge is Back….. Next Challenge Starts on May 11th 2019 You will receive the following as part of the challenge: Macro Balanced Nutrition Unlimited Training Sessions Special Group Sessions Weekly Before and After Body Composition Scans Guaranteed… Read More

A Community of people not just a gym

CrossFit CrossAxed has adopted and employed the CrossFit method of strength and conditioning and affiliated in May of 2010. CrossFit is growing rapidly due the results it delivers and also the variance in programming which provides a new stimulus on a daily… Read More

Personalised Introduction + Free Week

Get Started now with a Personal Training session for $70 and receive a free week of CrossFit Classes and open gym to make sure you love this place as much as we do. 2016 will be your year so let us help… Read More

Strength = Health

Strength might just be the single determining factor associated with longevity and long-term health. To find out more and get started on a tailored strength program complete the form below.

CrossFit Development Program for Teens

Over the years we have battled with how best to approach our CF Kids and Teens training programs, there are big differences between 15 year olds and 8 year olds and also between kids of the same age. Often CrossFit kids has… Read More

Personal Training

Personal Training

CrossFit Introduction

CrossFit can be a little intimidating to those that have not actually been into a friendly welcoming gym before. We have every level of athletic development here from the complete novice who has never lifted a barbell in their life to experienced… Read More